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It's the beach of Touquet when it is getting dark

It's a special thing of the Touquet
Sculptors made this replica of the Eiffel Tower for the sand contest building

I will present you the special coffee of the Touquet Golf
It named: Iced Spoon Framboise

This is the inside of the golf's bar
I went each time that I visit the Touquet
it's unavoidable
Take an iced spoon Framboise and enjoy
I don't own this image but It's only to show you this without people

It's the Westminister a big and expensive hotel
So if you want to have a good trip, come here!
(source :

The Touquet Casino
A great classic of the Touquet town
Hmmm, I want to eat a welsh with fries for full my stomach

Welsh with french fries

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