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Ok everybody, I present myself

Presentation of me
Name : Tristan Giraud
Date of birth: 9th December 2003
Birthplace : Versailles, France
Residence place : Poissy
Class: Seconde générale au lycée Saint Thomas de Villeneuve

I am the creator of this blog
Don't hesitate to make a demand to me for work on this blog

My instagram is : TristanGTX78
Suscribe please
I add only when I travel. So, be patient.

I live here (look the arrow)

Now start of the study,
I want to work 13 years after the baccalaureate
I want to work in the international domain as an international lawyer and in the penal

I would like to try to make an experience in Japan.
Japan is my main priority.
I want absolutely to make a new life over there.

Like you have seen
it's the creator of the aikido (Morei Ueshiba)
And it's one master of the budo (there is 3 masters)
I am green belt
I show you all grades in aikido

Kyu(all grades exepted master)
Dan (master)
white belt
Start with dark belt 1st Dan
yellow belt
2nd Dan(10 years by dan)
orange belt
3rd Dan
green belt
4th Dan
blue belt
5th Dan (Godan)
brown belt
6th Dan (Rokudan)
7th Dan (Nanadan)
8th Dan (Hachidan) the maximum

I want to reach at hachidan

I want to live maybe to Seoul
Even if is expensive for me to travel

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