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Youthfellowship was delived from two words, Fellowship and Youth. Fellowship as to come together for a common purpose especially to pray together and share experiences and knowledge as the youth develop their talents. I used the word Youth to mean the young and before marriage. However, the word fellowship was first coined while I,(Mubangizi Alex) was still doing my pastoral work in Kyoga Parish.

While at Kyoga, I taught at St. Mary's senior Secondary school where I found that the students were having demonic attacks and so decided to bring the students togeher as to unite in prayer.
They called the group Fellowship St. Mary's Kyoga Secondary School. This produced good fruits in all fields; sports, academic, social, spiritual, and economic. The students behaved well and were able to attain all the above.

After such an experience, I decided to found one also in my home parish Rubindi.
and since this would be for the youths all over the parish, I decided to call it Youthfellowship.

This, began on 27th, December, 2011: with a number of only 8 ladies all from Kyarushanje catholic centre. by 1st, January, 2012, the number had increased to 14. However by then no boy had joined. We begun with one song called "EMINYEETO TWIMUKYE" this was composed by seminarian Alex Mubangizi and a few ladies such as Cecilia from Kyarushanje and Friday who have left the movement.

With time, we managed to train for music shows with more four songs, as our sister: Judith composed more three songs that were hitting for three months. these were; Ori Yezu, Yesu waitu ni Murungi, and Obushoborozi.

we are greatfull to our sister Domitira from Buhungiro Parish who joined us and trained dances for girls as I strugled with boys and he general behaviour of the youths.

Later, Domitira brought to us two more songs; You have a friend, and, Is the Lord. These were the hiting songs from where we got the title of the first album: Jesus the Best Friend. we captured five Videos and the movement registered rapidly more 40 members and so by then we grew to 80 members. we got more uniforms and music system which later fell down and nolonger works. we now have three types of Suits for ladies and three clours of t-shirts. that is; Red, Green, and Orange. the rest of the colours don't make a big number for stage presentation. We are greatfull to those who supported us during that time.

After, we went to different parties, and shows. we launched this album which aborted as we were green about the launch. We later managed to produce more three songs. These included; Eden, Yesu Bera nange, and Tuhimbise Mukama. We have made videos for the two songs: Tuhimbise Mukama and Eden. The three songs became hittings songs since the bigining of the movement. and the dance also improved since the other time.

We have been borrowing some clowths, but we hope to own ours and not to borrow again so that we can stablize.

we have made ports and rosaries, we hope to head for catereing and poultry keeping.
We believe that God is our founder through the person of His servant.
We see progression not returdation.

The youth fellowship members on the left, and then Domitira on the top and I,
this group happens to have been in the first video shooting of Jesus the Best Friend album.

That time, the movement was sounding, and now it is morer sounding than it had been.
There is great work done by the youths in their growth. am really greatful to the parents
who have really supported us with time. And also the youths for their active participation.
I believe we are only limited by funds to move a step foward.
With God's grace I hope for the better.

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