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A Religious Festival

August is very important month. The "Kandy Perahera"(A big procession) is held in August. Lot of people come to see the Perahera. It is very beautiful. Here are many elephants in the Perahera. They are dressed beautifully in clothes of different designs and colours. The Kandy Perahera is a religious festival. The Buddha's tooth relic is taken in the Perahera. the place where tooth relic is kept is called the "Dalada Maligawa". The "Diyawadana nilame" is the guardian of the Dalada Maligawa(The palace of Buddha's tooth) and He is an important person in the procession. The procession of the four devale(temple dedicated to a deity). Vishnu, Natha, Katharagama and Pattini join the Kandy Perahera. Every year the tooth relic is taken out for the perahera. Only the Maligawa elephant will carry the beautifully decorated relic casket. He kneels and the casket is kept on his back. Then he walks very majestically in the procession. People young and old gather in thousands to see the perahera See more...

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Kataragama is a very popular pilgrimage site in Sri Lanka. people of all walks of life throng to Kataragama to pay homepage to god Kataragama. The festival in August draws thousand of pilgrims to witness the ritual performances of the devotees. some dance with skewers thrust through their tongues and cheeks. others tow heavy carts or suspend weight from hooks piercing their skin. The grand finale is the fire walking ceremony. The devotees walk barefoot on beds of red-hot embers. See video
Yala East National Park

Yala East National Park or Kumana is renowned for rare beautiful birds. This sanctuary lies on the South- east coast in the Eastern province. The distance from Colombu to Kumana is approximately 391 Km. The total land area 18149 hectares. It was established in 1996. yala East National Park is well-knoen for its diversity of wild life, largely with characteristics of dry zone and tropical thorn forests. In addition, the world famous mangrove swamp of Kumana provides a particularly important habitat for birds.

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Hello friends. I'm Sri Lankan girl. I like to penpals - My Blogs (Countries of the World - Tourism)    -    Author : Sumudu - Sri Lanka

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