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Fresher's week.
To Do List

_ register the emergency number
_ get familiar with the area you live in ( shops, police station, hospital, etc.)
_ buy the basics ( duvet, pillows, cutlery, shower gel, etc)
_ buy a phone and an english Simcard
_ register at a General Practitioner ( doctor)
_ open a bank account
_ get an insurance
_register at the Associations Fair
_ get your timetables for the first semster
_ take part in every social event ( but go easy, english students are renowned for their ability to drink, and to finish the night at the local hospital)
Befor a Night Out

Before a night out, adopt a routine to make sure everything goes according to plans. Make sure your phone has enough battery for the night, and enough credit to make a call. Register the emergency number on your phone and keep your phone with you at all times! Count how much money is in your purse, and check how much you have on your bank account. It is better to take an amount of cash with you for the party, and your credit card in case of emergency. Be careful not to spend too much. Take an ID with you. The best piece of ID you have might be your passeport. If so, take it, but hide in a very secure pocket.
Walk around your house and make sure all windows are closed, and that you lock the door properly.
Finally, when going somewhere, never pick a taxi from the street, but call one from a registred taxi company.
You are ready to go!

Organise your studies and your social activities.
Going further

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