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Get ready to go
Evaluate your budget.
This is an example of how to assess your budget, on a monthly basis.
First, you will have to pay a rent. You must already know how much it will be, as stipules your contract. If the gas, water and electricity are not included in the rent, ask your landlord for previous bills, so that you have an idea of how much it represents per month.
Then try to estimate how much money you will spend on food. I suggest 10 a day as a very good start. You can re-estimate this amount after your first few weeks at University.
Count an additional 20 pounds a week for other expenses, such as photocopies, and nights out.
This already makes 380 a month.
For your first month however, it is advised to add extra money for all the little things that will help you get settled, such as decoration in your room, basic utensils for your kitchen and bathroom, and the registration costs at various associations.

Prepare your suitcase.
It is highly recomended to bring in your suitcase the bare necessities.
You can find everithing you nedd in cheap shops like Argos, Poundland, and Primark, once you are in england.
Pack-up your favourite clothes, your laptop, and it is a good idea to bring something special to you, that will make you feel more at home.
Bare in mind that England is not really famous for its food, and most of my international friends like to bring a culinary specialty from their home country.

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