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Finding the accomodation that best suits you is very important, as it is going to be your Home for the next 7 month.
It needs to be adapted to your budget, and in the same time somewhere you feel safe, comfortable and able to study quietly.


Living on campus brings many advantages. You are close to your class-rooms, close to the library, at the heart of University life, you are "living it real". In addition to that, you will live close to a lot of students that are in your situation. It will be easier to make friends.
It can appear like the easiest option, and most campuses offer good prices, with water, gas, electricity, internet, and weekly cleanings included.

Yet, it has its downfalls. Most of the time, the rooms are very small, and already damaged. You have to share the kitchen, and the bathrooms, with other students ( bathrooms are not mixed).
Plus, the fact that you are at the heart of the University also means that you will be very tempted to go out with your friends.

Sharing a House
Renting a shared house means more difficulties, as you have to take care yourself of your expenses in gas, electricity and water.
If you feel independent enough to do it, it can bring you more comfort than the campus can. Indeed, the rooms are bigger, less students are sharing it so it is easier to get organise, and you benefit from more peace while studying. As you are not on campus, you are less "in the bubble", you have a broader view, and can easily prioritize your tasks.
Yet, leaving in a house with strangers on your first year can be quite depressing. So if you choose to do that, make sure you join some associations at your university, to meet new friends.

How to apply for an Accommodation.

If your University has a campus, you will be asked, when registering, if you want to live on campus. Most of the time, you have the choice between smocking/not smocking, mixed/girls only/boys only, and a panel of different rooms, from the cheapest with just a bed and a wardrobe, to the most expensive, with a bed, wardrobe, and private bathroom.

If you want to live in a house, your university should have a list of registered landlords in the area. When choosing a house, make sure you have social services like trains or buses that take you to your university.

Because you are an international students, your university must provide you with an accommodation. So if you have any trouble finding one, call your university, and they should help you. Be careful, whether you are on campus or in a house, get an insurance against robberies.

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