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Apply to University

UCAS is the organization in charge for managing applications to almost all full time undergraduate degree programs at UK universities and colleges.

As you are an international student, you must send your UCAS application by the beginning of the calendar year, nearly 7 month before the academic year begins, so start looking at Universities you like during the previous summer.
Universities in the UK
In the U.K., you can find a very wide panel of universities, all different from one another.
Start by looking on the net which universities have the course you are interested in. All Universities now have their own website: call them in order to receive documentation. Do not be fooled by some very attractive brochures, to have a good idea of the level of excellence, find on the net a ranking of all universities.
Adapt the universities you choose to your level. Indeed, to accept your application, they will ask for results at your national equivalent of A-Levels. If you apply to high levelled universities, but do not meet their expectations, they will not accept you, and you will have to go through the Clearing Process*.
That is why it is advised to apply to one high profiled university where you may have a chance, to a University were you have good expectations to be taken, and to a University that will accept you no matter what, just in case something goes wrong, as a back-up plan.
Academic results and references.
Most of Universities will ask you for a national equivalent of the English A-Levels. These are exams passed in an average of 5 modules, in the last year of college. Call your chosen universities and ask them what they expect of you, following your country of education.
Universities may Also ask you for references. These are letters from your teachers and/or headmaster. It is extremely important to have good references, that state your qualities at work. When asking your teacher to write a reference letter, explain him why it is important to you to make good impression. Explain him why you think you are suited to do the job, this way he might be himself more enthusiastic about you in his letter.
Finally, you may be asked to write a C.V. and a Motivation Letter. Once again, your teacher is the best help you can get, as he knows you in an objective manner. Also, you can find on the internet various sources of help on how to write a CV and a Motivation Letter.
Most Universities will ask you to sit a language test. The most famous ones are the TOIC, the TOEFLE and the IELTS. You will face a written test, an oral test, and a audio test.
Results V
If your results meet your expectation, they will enable you to go to one of your chosen Universities.

Call your awarded university to make sure that your place is secured.
Results X
If your results do not enable you to secure a place at your chosen universities, you will have to go through the Clearing Process.
Clearing dispatches the students that were not able to meet their chosen universities' requirements, to the universities that still have available placements.
But be CAREFUL: you may not find a place in your chosen subject, or may not find a place at all, so react quickly.

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