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Hi!! My name's Sarah Louise Anton Smith and I'm 11 years old. I was born on 28th February 2004 in Burnley. As it was a leap-year, I could have been born a day later (29/02/2004), meaning I would turn 3 in 2016. Born at night, I easily could have been a leap-year baby. But as it is, I'm happily attending school, and will be starting high-school in September. On 3rd March this year, I found out that I would be attending BHS. At the moment, I attend St James' Lanehead Primary. I have attended 3 churches in my life: Brunshaw Methodist Church, Briercliffe Methodist and Baptit Church and I now attend St James' Briercliffe Church. I was Christened in Brunshaw Methodist Church, and in 2005, my parents married. I have two birth certificates- on one, my mother's last name was DIXON, whereas on the other, her last name was SMITH. I have always been a SMITH, so I didn't have to worry about my name. One of my middle names (ANTON) is my Grandmother's maiden name and I can always remember her by it (I've never met her- she died before I was born). I have been to many funerals: two Great-Grandmothers, one Grandma and three church friends.

Read on to find out more about me!!

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