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Director (Able D)
Directors are responsible for casting / editing,shot selection,shot composition and script editing of a film.They are the creative source behind a movie and must communicate to Actors on the way a particular shot is to be played.Directors usually have artistic control over all aspects of a film.

Assistant Director (AD)
The assistance Director is responsible for tracking the progress of the film versus the production schedule.

Production Manager(PM)
Pm is responsible for ordering equipment, security, cast and crew accommodation and other practical matters on the set.

Producers are in-charge of movie production in all matters excepts for the creative efforts of the director, (prodecer has no hands in directing).The producer is also responsible for raising a production funds.

Location Manager
Location managers are responsible for all aspects of filming while on location, making arrangement with authorities for permission to shoot.

Executive Producer (Ep)
Executive producer are responsible for the over all production of a film,but are not directly involved in any of the technical aspects.

Associate Producer (Ap)
Associate producer is an individual who share the responsibility for creative and business dealings with the executive producer.

Director of Photography (Dp)
The Dp is a cinematographer who is responsible for the process of recording a scene as instructed by the director. Dp direct the placement of lighting on set.

Literally translate to Old Man..the Gaffer is in charge of the electrical department on set.

The costumer is responsible for handling the outfit won by the Actors.

Make Up Artists
They are the individuals who actually apply make up to the Actors/ Actress.

Property Manager
The property Manager is responsible for purchasing /acquiring all the props used during productions.

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