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I Want To Become An Actor/Actress(Yes You Can)

Nollywood Movies,Giving Life A Meaning

Dreams are those things we desire,those things we want to achieve, those positions and status we want to attain, our most craving desires.

They can hardly be an achievement without a dream,dreams alone do not bring forth achievement, but with the combination of determination, effort,hard work,loyalty,confidence,sacrifice,consistency and dedication.

Dreams may not come easy,there are bound to be oppositions and disappointment. But if you HOLD on,You will surely get there.

Things You Must Know As An Actor/Actress(The Beginners)

This is the imitation of life which is package to inform,educate and entertain.

This is interpretation of a script in relation to character as assigned to the artist by the script writer or director.

This is a particular behavior put up by an artist in relation to interpreting a given role which must be in continuity throughout the film.

This is the smooth transition from one RELATED scene to another without any change in the costumes,make up,gesticulation,mannerism etc

This is the movement of body while acting.

Adding few creative lines or dialogues on your own couple with a peculiar mannerism that must maintained throughout the film.

This is a style in which you deliver your dialogues.It is referred to as the back bone of any good artist. Modulation gives the opportunity to free style and play with your dialogues in a way that it will leave your audience wanting for more.

This is the act of making your state of mind known to others.Your expression can only be read when it is exhibited.

Facial Expression
This is the logical coordination of our facial muscles in relation to interpreting a character in a script.Facial expression works in hand with facial muscles (muscles of the face).This helps your audience to know your expression towards issues being discussed in the script.

Character in general term is that of behavior You put up while relating with people around you and it is referred to as personal. Character.

Script Character
This is the behavior you put up while interpreting a role in a script. It might be different from your personal character but you have to put yourself into such character to confidently interpret that role.

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