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Heidi, of the Alps. - SUMMARY

The story of Heidi has fascinated many across the world. It is a heart warming story of a little orphan girl, who lives in the mountains with her grandfather. The story begins when five year old Heidi is taken to live with her grandfather by her aunt, Detie. The old man (grandfather) is very reluctant to let Heidi stay with him, but gradually he develops a fond liking for her & later it is shown that they both share a very close relationship with each oher.
Heidi gets used to life up in the mountains. She regularly visits the pastures with Peter, the goatherd & his goats. They become very good friends. Peter lives in a small hut with his mother & blind grandmother. Heidi also shares a close relationship with Peter's family. Everything goes well until, Heidis aunt Detie arrives out of nowhere & takes Heidi away to Frankfurt (Germany). There she lives with a rich family which includes an invalid girl Clara & the strict housekeeper, Miss Rottenmier. There Heidi learns how to read & write (something which she never learnt before)with the help of Clara's grandma. But Heidi is homesick & that is why she is sent home. Eventually Clara visit's the Alps & learns to walk with the help of Heidi, her grandfather & Peter. This is a beautiful story that will really make you laugh & cry. If you haven't read the book I suggest you read it. I have no idea if the television series are shown or not. But if it is ever shown then don't miss it. Trust me, you will not be sorry. Bye.

1 To the Alm mountains
2 Grampa's mountain cabin
3 In the meadow
4 Another family member
5 The burnt letter
6 Sound out, whistle
7 Sound of the fir tree
8 Where have you gone, Picchi
9 Silver-white Alms
10 To grandma's house
11 One day in a snowstorm
12 Sound of spring
13 Back to the meadow
14 Sad news
15 Yuki-chan
16 The town of Delfli
17 Two guests
18 Separate ways
19 To Frankfurt
20 A new life
21 I want to fly free
22 Distant Alms
23 Big commotion
24 Mee-chan thrown away
25 White bread
26 Zezeman's return
27 Grandma
28 Let's go to the forest
29 Two hearts
30 I want to catch the sun
31 Goodbye, grandma
32 Night of the storm
33 Ghost commotion
34 To my dear Alms
35 Alms starry sky
36 And to the meadow
37 Goat's baby
38 In a new house
39 Don't give up, Peter
40 I want to go to the Alms
41 Doctor's promise
42 Reunion with Clara
43 Clara's wish
44 A little plan
45 Children of the mountains
46 Clara's happiness
47 Hello, grandma
48 A little hope
49 A promise
50 Try to stay
51 Clara walked
52 Till we meet again

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Heidi, of the Alps. - SUMMARY (Daily life - Others)    -    Author : have to find out - India

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