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Energy Resources

Non Renewable Energy

Fossil Fuels


Oil and Natural Gas


Coal is mined, It’s Sedimentary Rock and it is Formed from Underground by Dead organic mater
Coal is burned in factories to heat water that turns electric turbines.

Coal Mining

Coal Power Plant

Mainly made of carbon, but also contains sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.
Created by the accumulation of plant matter over thousands of years

*Coal provides around 24% of our energy
*World’s most abundant fossil fuel
*Air Pollution
*Multiple pollutants released
*Sulfur Dioxide – creates acid rain (sulfuric acid)
*Nitrogen Oxides – creates acid rain (nitric acid)
*Heavy CO2 emissions


Crude Oil


* Oil and gas are made of a mixture of different hydrocarbons.
* As the name suggests these are large molecules made up of hydrogen atoms attached to a backbone of carbon.
* During mid-Mesozoic times around 150 million years ago, conditions were just right!
* The world’s main oil deposits all formed in warm shallow seas where plankton bloomed but bottom waters
were deoxygenated.
Exploration and Production : The Situation Today

* Global oil and gas occurrences are now well understood (provinces
shown in green).

Natural Gas

World’s third largest commercial fuel

* 23% of global energy consuption.
* Produces half as much CO2 as equivalent amount of coal.
* Most rapidly growing energy source.
* Often extractd from the same wells as petroleum.

Refining crude oil:

Components of petroleum are removed at various levels, depending on their boiling points,
in a giant distillation column. The most volatile components with the lowest boiling points are removed at the top of the column.

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