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Ok Break Time! So start reading Some Miley Comments!
Miley Comments:
Miley Rocks! I'm her no.1 Fan! ~Jenny

Omg!! I Hope This Goes On Site! I Love Hannah ! My favorite song is Start All Over I Think She Is So Cool. ~ Amy

Miley is so cute! She is my role model! I love Hilary Duff To And She Is So Good With Nick Jonas!! ~Kim

Miley Is cool I went to a concert and it rocked. She Just Rocks! Way too much Rocks LOL! ~ Kate

Hannah Stinks! Miley is the one who rocks. Hannah Is Just The Fake Her But Miley Is The Real One. Go Miley And Boo Hannah! ~ Catilyn

I wish I went to a Hannah Concert! I Went To One When She Went With The Cheetah Girls And It Was Great! I wish the best for her. ~Sammantha

So Many Comments So Little Time! Here Are Some Complaints On Miley:

I Will Seriously fight Miley for Nick if she breaks his heart I will still beat her up. ~ Abby

Miley is a loser! I went to her concert and she should do everyone a favor and stop singing! She Sounds Better On Cd.. ~Victoria

Those Were The Only Complaints! Wow.. I even Got Comments:

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