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the first villain in dbz, he is goku's older brother, a saiyan. he was defeated by piccolo.

vegeta and nappa
nappa and vegeta are saiyans, they came after raditz. vegeta later became a ''good guy.''
nappa was defeated by vegeta because he was wounded.

the ginyu force
frieza's special force. members are; captain ginyu, jeice, guldo, burter and recoome.

frieza is a VERY evil villain he even destroyed the saiyan home world!
frieza has four transformations, his last transformation is actually his original one, he created his other forms to suppress his power!
frieza was defeated by the first super saiyan goku!

garlic Jr.
garlic jr. uses black water mist to turn humans into monsters! goku hadn't come back from defeating frieza yet (because it was on another planet) garlic Jr. is immortal thanks to the dragon balls. but the black water mist was undone and gohan destroyed the source of his power the makyo star therefore garlic Jr. was defeated.

the androids
the main androids are android 16, 17 and 18.
all together there where 20 androids but some were considered failures and destroyed and some were destroyed by the z-fighters.

cell has three transformations though he has to absorb androids 17 and 18. cell was created by Dr.gero a.k.a android 20s computer, cell is made of cells of the strongest warriors in the galaxy such as frieza and goku!
he is beaten by gohan after he goes super saiyan 2!

an evil wizard who awakens majin buu

majin buu
there are many different buus there are: majin buu,evil buu, super buu and kid buu
goku defeated kid buu at the end of dragon ball z.

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