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In this part of the blog, I talk a bit about myself.
Hi! My name is Brunnhilde. I am 15 years old, and I like to read, listen to classical music/opera, study Latin, play chess, be on the Internet, and take care of my pets. I have many pets, including: A dog (a black Labrador Retriever & Whippet mix named Sascha), two bunnies (One female and one male-the male is named Flopsy, and the female is named Little Blacky. They are both Lops. I used to have a third bunny named Hutch, but she died from a bad sickness.), two Tiger Oscar fish (who are named Wagner and Dvorak; before I had Dvorak, I originally had another Tiger Oscar called Beethoven, but Beethoven died from a bad case of ich :'( ), and one Pleco (who is called Martial). I also sometimes see deer and foxes in my backyard, so they in a way count as pets. :)

In terms of TV shows, channels, and movies, I like dystopian/sci-fi movies, comedy movies, and action movies. I like older shows, such as Married With Children, The Red Green Show, Dennis the Menace, Leave it to Beaver, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, and more. I am a Teen Titans MANIAC! (Teen Titans is a Cartoon Network show about a team of teenage superheroes who fight against evil.)

When it comes to books, my favorite one is the Little Prince. I also like sci-fi books and I have read a few Shakespeare plays.

I would like some new penpals, mainly in between ages 12 and 17. I would especially like some European penpals, although penpals from all countries are fine! You can go to my penpal page by clicking here. I hope you'll write to me soon! :D

Below are pictures of my pets! Later on, I'll add pics of Wagner, Dvorak, and Martial. For pictures (and memorials) of Beethoven and Hutch, go to the "WELCOME!!!" page.

This is Flopsy, my biggest (and not so baddest) bunny. He is around the same size as a small dog (!) and he likes being petted (he goes into dreamy mode when I pet him sometimes) and eating bananas. (Note:I took this pic of him when he was sleepy, so that's why he's lounging around.)

This is Little Blacky. She is my first and oldest bunny, and I love her very much. She likes being petted and eating veggies, especially lettuce. She is also curious and inquisitive sometimes.

This is Sascha, my pet dog. I found her on the road in October 2014 and took her into the family. Ever since she has been the family dog! She is one year and a couple months old, but she's still a puppy-she's wild, playful, loves swimming, loves chasing after things, and is pretty much unique. She is 75% Labrador Retriever and 25% Whippet. Overall, she's weird but wonderful in personality and even beautiful in appearance.

Here are some "snapshots" (pictures) of my life.

Sascha meets the love of her life-a stick. OK, it's really part of a palm tree flower branch that fell off the palm trees surrounding the pool, but I guess it's sort of easier to just call it a stick.

Here's the peach tree next to the barn I keep my rabbits in. I think I took these pictures sometime around February 2015. As you probably noticed, the peach tree is in full blossom. Beautiful, huh?
Here are some pictures from my trip to Prague (which took place in late 2016)! I took all four of these pictures. I have many more, but for now these four should suffice.

Upper left: Prague Castle up close
Upper right: A rainy day on Charles Bridge
Lower left: The house of the famous Czech writer Franz Kafka, located in Golden Lane (which on the castle grounds)
Lower right: The National Theatre (the building with the gold on top), where I saw Janacek's opera The Cunning Little Vixen

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