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This is the "Blogs, Clubs, and Links" section! (Duhhh, because that's the page's name...) Here I list certain blogs and chat clubs I really like, as well as put in other random links! Have fun! :)
These are some blogs I like:

Movie Roleplay-The Official Blog
Lights, camera, ACTION! This blog is based on one of my favorite clubs, Movie Roleplay. It gives descriptions about the characters and summaries for most of the awesome, epic, and suspenseful missions. If you want to visit it, click here.

Movie Roleplay-The Official Mission Blog
Yet another Movie Roleplay blog, but this time, it has summaries for the latest missions that are not included on the other Movie RP blog. If you want to visit it, click here.

Movie Universe-A Complete Guide to Movie Roleplay
This is the third blog focused on Movie RP. It "zooms out" from the main characters/missions and looks over some of the other things-e.g. the places the characters visit, the overall storyline of the RP, extra characters, and much more. As the name suggests, it is a guide to Movie Roleplay and contains almost everything you need to know about it (note that I said "almost" because this blog does not include info on the main characters and missions; you can visit the other two blogs for info on those things). If you want to visit it, click here.

Warrior Cat Roleplay Blog
This is also a blog based on a roleplay. It belongs to one of my original penpals, Lauren. In the blog, it shows pictures of the cats in each of the Clans (for those who don't know what Warriors is, it's basically a series of books about wild cats who live in the forest and have four separate groups, or Clans) and what their personalities are. It also has info about the Warriors books, and brief summaries of some of the adventures in the roleplay. If you want to visit it, click here.

ToyRoleplay-The Official Blog
This is yet another blog based on a roleplay. It, as the name suggests, is about a RP known as ToyRoleplay (ToyRP for short). In the blog, it has info about the roleplay itself, each of the characters of this club, mission summaries, RP news, and extra stuff such as quizzes, surveys, and more. If you want to visit it, click here.

The Opera and Classical Music Blog
The Opera and Classical Music Blog is (as the name suggests) all about my favorite kind of music-classical and opera! It was actually created by me and my two penpals, Paige and Joan. It's the only blog on Blog-City that is in the Opera section. It is about my, Paige, and Joan's favorite classical music pieces, opera, and more. It also provides info about our favorite composers, different eras and periods in classical music, and more. If you want to visit it, click here.

More blogs will be added on here soon!
These are some clubs and roleplays that I like:

The Roleplay Alliance
The Roleplay Alliance is a club I created on Roleplay-City. It is like the "base" or "HQ" for people who love roleplaying on RP-City and SOTW. We share ideas, discuss all things roleplay-related, solve problems, and even provide help for people new to the site (we're like a Help Desk too). If you love roleplaying, this group is for you! If you want to visit this club, click here.

Movie Roleplay
This club belongs to one of my penpals, who is named Paige. The RP (that stands for RolePlay) is about a team of movie characters with Black Widow (from "The Avengers") as their leader, who have a rival named Andy. Andy and his army of bad guys from the movies try to capture and destroy the team members, and the team has to survive and try to defeat Andy in battle. It is an EPIC RP, so I recommend that if you want to join a club, this is the one you should go to! Note: This RPG has been closed for a while. There are chances that it will be re-opened, but they are slim. If this disappears, you will know that Movie RP has been officially closed forever.

Brunny's Awesome World of Randomness
This club is my very own chat room! It is actually half a roleplay and half a chat, because while you can chat with me and other people on there, you can also RP and make random, crazy things happen. If you want to visit this club, click here.

World Battles
This is a roleplay that Paige and Joan own. It used to be on the Thematic Clubs on SOTW, but after being closed for several months it was reopened on Roleplay-City. Basically it is a Hunger Games knockoff, in which the government of the world (which is located in Hawaii) deals with plagues and shortages of supplies by cutting down the population via sending children ages 12-18 from several different countries to compete in the World Battles (a fight to the death in an "arena" which is really a famous landmark or wildlife preserve, e.g. the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, the Rocky Mountains, etc.). Unlike in the Hunger Games, World Battles can have multiple winners/victors (AKA survivors). It is really epic, and if you like the Hunger Games, this is for you! If you want to visit this roleplay, click here.

The Avengers
This is a roleplay that Jack (a person I roleplay with) owns. It is on Roleplay-City. Basically it is focused on the Marvel group of superheroes known as The Avengers, who unite and battle evil forces whenever the world is in jeopardy. In this roleplay, you can play as one of the canon characters (e.g. Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Quicksilver, The Hulk, etc.) or your own made-up Avenger. In this roleplay, The Avengers mainly battle a group of villains (most of them made up by the members of the RP) lead by well-known mutant Magneto. This is a really fun and epic RP, and if you are obsessed with The Avengers, this RP is for you! If you want to visit this roleplay, click here.

A Horribly Amazing World
This RPG is created by a girl named Caprial. It is about a band of strange (and mostly superpowered) creatures (they currently consist of C.J. the Chia wolf, C.J.'s brother Alfie, the superhuman Nova, an immortal girl named Sara, a human named Calvin, Nova's brother Maxwell, a dragon named Fenoyerro, and a few others). The roleplay has no specific plot - it just goes through the lives of the gang and lets the plot unfold by itself. It is an interesting and fun RPG, as well as an active one, so I recommend it. If you want to visit this roleplay, click here.

The Humor Hub
Are you into humor? Then this club is for you! This club is for people who want to read, post, and talk about jokes (just make sure to follow the club rules!). If you want to visit this club, click here.

More clubs will be posted on here soon!
Note:This link will take you to the thematic clubs section for 5-15 year-olds-that's where a lot of these clubs I like are:Thematic Clubs
Another note:This link will take you to Roleplay-City, which is a website where some of the my roleplays are:Roleplay-City
Here are some other random links that I like:

Poptropica is a website where you can create your own unique character and ride in your hot air balloon to different islands in Poptropica. Each island is about a different thing, and has an awesome quest and adventure in it. It is a REALLY fun site. If you want to check it out, click here.

Students of the World
Students of the World is a website I go to ALL the time-it's where all my favorite chat clubs and roleplays are! It's a website where you can make or take quizzes and surveys, chat with others on clubs, meet people from all over the world, and more! If you want to check it out, click here.

Roleplay-City is one of the newest websites out there! On there, you can roleplay in other people's RPGs (RolePlay Games), or even make your own! Also, don't worry-all the RPGs are completely text-based and graphics-free. It is a great website. If you want to check it out, click here. (Note:So far on Roleplay-City, the amount of characters you can play as in one club is VERY limited, so don't just go around, make a character, say "I'll join," and then leave it forever. That'll be a waste of both your time and the amount of available characters.)

If you love playing chess, this site is for you! Chess.com is a place where you can solve chess puzzles, train with the Tactics Trainer and Chess Mentor tools, discuss chess on forums with other chess players, join groups, and more. You can also play Online Chess (long online Correspondence Chess games) or Live Chess (live online games with another real person). I constantly go on this website and love it. If you want to check it out, click here.

More links are coming soon!

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