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IMPORTANT: This blog has not been updated for years (the last update before this was in 2016) and this will probably be its last update. I can't maintain my Blog-City.net blogs anymore--I simply do not have the time--but I am keeping this blog up for self-fulfillment purposes/to keep a record of what the past was like (kind of like keeping an old diary or photo album). Look around my blog anyway if you want. Just note that many things are vastly outdated--for instance, on the "Blogs, Clubs, and Links" page, with the exception of the stuff in the green background, most of the links are dead (the RPs and whatnot are no longer there) or dubious (they're there, but are inactive). Similarly, my rabbits and Tiger Oscar fish mentioned on the "About Me and My Life" page have passed away (Dvorak the fish became ill extremely fast and I couldn't save him; the others died from old age), but my dog Sascha, my pleco Martial, and my newest pet--a Ryukin goldfish I named Alekhine--are alive and well at the time of this writing (November 2018). I hope you enjoy my blog; just keep in mind that this blog is essentially just a trip into the past. Many things have changed since 2016, and many more things will change after the time of this writing. Time is the most valuable resource we have; make good use of yours. :)

...to my awesome blog! :D
BLOG NEWS:Pictures of my pet dog were added on the "About Me and My Life" page! I also added a "Snapshots" segment to the "About Me and My Life" page in which acts like a photo album for my general life.


Beethoven was one of my pet Tiger Oscars. He died recently due to a really bad case of a sickness known as ich. I loved him VERY much. Beethoven was fun, he loved to eat a lot, he often was like an alarm clock (in the morning he would jump up and hit the top of the tank, sometimes waking me up), and he was one of the best fish ever. We all miss you, Beethoven. You were a wonderful friend and companion.


This is Hutch, who was youngest bunny. I believe she was a female rabbit. Hutch died from becoming very ill sometime in October 2014. She was curious but also very shy, and the same time enthusiastic (mainly when it came to treats). Like Flopsy, she was fond of bananas.
Here you can find links to awesome stuff, learn about me and my penpals, look at random things I put on here, read diary entries, and MORE! Have a really nice time! :)

Note:I had another blog that has this kind of stuff in it. I would be just using that one without making this one, but I forgot the password for the other one...Ugghh...I think I said "one" three times in one sentence. Talk about redundancy. >.< Anyway, have fun!

Basically this is just a nice picture I made on my computer using my Bamboo Splash pad. (You can look up what it is-it's pretty cool!) I hope you like it!
If anyone doesn't like what I put on here (pictures, text, etc.), go ahead and complain to me. I'll remove whatever offends you ASAP. You can contact me by clicking the "Forum" button on the higher left corner of the screen. You can also contact me by clicking here, which goes to my penpal page.

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Brunnhilde's Blog-Crammed full of awesome links, diary entries, info about my penpals, and MORE! :D - WELCOME!!! :D (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Brunnhilde - USA

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