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Hey did you notice that ashley got a nose surgery?
Well this news is right but to find more information go to

Full name: Ashley Michelle Tisdale
Nick name: Pookie or Pokernuts(her family gave her them)
B-day:July 2,1985
Birthplace: Nepyune,New Jersey
Righty Or Lefty: Ashley is left-handed
Parents: Lisa and Mike
Sibling: Older sister Jennifer Kelly Tisdale
Pets: Maltipoo named Blondie

TV show:Laguna Beach
Movie:My best friend's wedding
Actresses:Brittany Murphy, Julia Roberts
Singer:Billy Joel
Car:Range Rover
Drink:Vanilla Blend from Coffee Bean
Fast Food Restaurant:McDonald's
Sandwich:Peanut Butter&Jelly
Fashion Designer:Bebe
Family Tradition:To watch Miracle on 34th Street with her family on Thanksgiving
Mom's Recipe:Caesar salad
Room Service Order:Chocolate Milkshakes

Ashley's AbCs
launched Pink Twinkle cosmetic line for club libby lu. The pink twinkle tag line is "sparkle,You're a star."
actually is a natural curl brunette.
would Rather "have a sleep over or go bow-ling with her friends"than go clubing with hollywood hotties!
's best friend is her older sister,actress Jennifer Tisdale
worked at Abercrombie Fitch,Hollister,Windors,and wet seal in local malls when she took a short break between high school musical and more acting projects.
is an artist and even went to art school after selling some of her paintings.
released her debut CD for warner bros.Records in 2007.

Hey Guys,these are some free pictures for you since some blogs say that you guys cannot take their pictures so i wanna give you these pictures so have fun taking these picture!

Ashley tisdale-be good to me

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