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I like to play cards. The games I play include: Palace, Spit, Kings, War, Gin Rummy, and Crazy 8s.
How to play Palace:

1. You put three cards face down on the table for however many players you are playing with. (Min. 2 Max. 4)
2. You deal out six cards per person.
3. Each person looks at his/her cards and decides which cards to put face down on top of the first 3 face down cards. Special cards are recommended for this. Special cards are 2, 7, and 10. Or put down your highest card.
4. Everyone recites their lowest card excluding special cards. The player with the lowest card goes first.
5. Play goes around clockwise. You must either play a special card or a card higher than the one already down. Ex. A 4 is down. You must either play a 5 or higher, or a special card. A 2 lets you go again. A 10 removes the pile of cards. A 7 means the next player must play a equal or lower card.
6. If you cannot play a card you must pick the pile of cards up.
7. You must have 3 cards in your hand at all times. Every time you play a card, you pick up one. If you play more than one, you pick up as many as you played.
8. Once the deck runs out and you run out of cards in your hand, you may pick up the three TOP face down cards at once.
9. Once you run out of the first cards that were face down, you pick each of the last face down cards one at a time.
10. The Winner is the one who runs out of cards first.
Here is where you can play Palace online. Enjoy!
How to play Spit:

1. Split your deck of cards in half. (Spit is a two-player game)
2. Each person puts nine cards face down in the middle and adds a tenth card face up.
3. Each person puts two face up card on either side of the middle.
4. One player puts the rest of his/her deck on the right side and the other puts the rest of his/her deck on the left side.
5. Each player takes one card from their deck and puts it down in the middle.
6. If the card is higher or lower than any of the cards in the middle, you place it. Ex. The cards in the middle are a 6 and a 10. You have a 6, 7, 9, 10 ,J. You put the J down on top of the 10. Or you put the seven down on top of the 6. Or you put the 9 down on top of the ten.
7. If neither player can play a card, each player says spit and puts a card on top of each pile in the middle.
8. There is no taking turns. You keep playing, flipping all your cards over and playing them all.
9. Once you play them all. You slap the pile in the middle that has the least cards. The other person gets the other pile.
10.You do steps 1-9 until one person loses all the cards in their deck. That person is the winner.
Here is where you can play Spit online. Enjoy!
How to play Kings:

1. Set up the cards in the middle of the group of players (Min: 2 Max: 6)
2. Go clockwise each player picking up a card from the circle. Depending on the number on the card, the person does the rule.
3. Rules: Ace: Name a place (Player names a place, Ex.McDonalds, Your house, etc.) 2: Untie your shoe (Shoe stays untied until next turn) 3: Free (Do any of the rules) 4: To the floor (everyone points to the floor. last one to point hypothetically is the loser [loser is not out of the game]) 5: You died (player who picks up the 5 misses their next turn) 6: Free Picks (Player picks again) 7: To Heaven (everyone points to the sky or ceiling. last one to point hypothetically is the loser [loser is not out of the game]) 8: Pick a date (Player picks a celebrity, a crush, or someone for girls night they would like to go on a date with) 9: Bust a rhyme (Player who picked the 9 goes first continuing clockwise. Player who picked the 9 says a word. The players go around the circle saying a rhyme for the first word. If you do not say a rhyme you are the loser [loser is not out of the game]) 10: Never have I ever (Players put up 3 fingers. Player who picked the 10 says Never have I ever...Ex. Never have I ever worn Nikes. Players who are wearing Nikes put one finger down. The play goes around clockwise. First player to put down all three fingers is the loser, etc., etc.) J: Categories (Player who picked the J says a category Ex. Songs. Players go around clockwise saying things in that category. Player who cannot say a thing in the category is the loser, you know the rest.) Q: Questions (Player who picks the Q picks a person and asks a question. Selected person answers the question. Don't Answer the question without a question. Player who answers without a question is the loser) K: Make a rule (Player makes a rule. Ex. Every time you pick up a card, you have to name a song, etc. Be creative.)
4. Game ends when all the cards are gone. There is no winner. The game is just for fun.
Enjoy! There is no website to play online.
How to play War:

1. Split the deck in half. (This is a 2 player game)
2. Each player puts a card face up in the middle. Highest card wins. The person who played the highest card puts them in a separate pile next to their playing pile.
3. War happens when the players play the same card. When this happens, each player puts out three cards face down and flips the fourth one face up. The highest fourth card wins. Winner takes all the cards and puts them in the pile with the rest of the cards not in the playing pile, but in the separate pile.
4. Game continues until the playing pile is used up. Then the player uses their separate pile as their playing pile.
5. Repeat 1-4 until one player has all the cards. That player is the loser. The player without any cards is the winner.
Enjoy! Here is where you can play War online.
How to play Gin Rummy (My way):

1. You deal each player 7 cards. (Min: 2 Max: 4)
2. You put the rest of the deck in the middle.
3. Player who dealt the cards turns over the first card from the deck.
4. Player who didn't deal decides if the need the card turned over. (You need it if you can make a pair, a three of a kind, or four of a kind with a number. The goal in the game is to have 4 of one card and 3 of another card. Ex. 4 3s and 3 5s.)
5. If the player doesn't need the card, the pick one up from the deck. If they don't need the one from the deck they put it on top of the card turned over.
6. If they need the card turned over or the one from the deck, they take it into their hand and get rid of a card they don't need. (Player must have SEVEN cards in their hand at all times)
7. Play continues until one player has 4 of one card and 3 of another, or GIN. When you pick up the last card you need, you put your discard card face down on top of the cards turned over.
8. Winner is the player who gets GIN first.
Enjoy! There is no website to play my way.
How to play Crazy 8s:

1. Deal eight cards to each player. (Min. 2 Max. 6)
2. Put the deck in the middle.
3. Player who dealt turns over first card. Player to the left of the dealer goes first. If the card is a 9 of Spades (♠️) you can either play a 9 or a Spades card.
4. Play continues clockwise.
5. If you can't play a card, you pick up cards from the deck until you can play a card.
6. 8 of anything (♠️, ♣️, ♥️, ♦️) is like a wild card. It can change the suit of the play. Ex. The suit is Hearts (♥️). You play an 8. You can choose a different suit for continuing play (♠️, ♣️, ♥️, ♦️).
7. If you have one card left, you must say "one card" before someone catches you. If someone catches you, you must pick up 2 cards.
8. Winner is the player who loses all of their cards first.
Enjoy! Here is where you can play Crazy 8s online.

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